Monday, April 21, 2008

A Slow Return

Things are slowly returning to normal now that the wedding has passed. (A slideshow of the ceremony can be found here - check it out! ) That means that Laura and I have been able to climb a little bit again. We've mostly been sport climbing at Milagrosa and trying to get back in shape, but we did spend a couple days bouldering at the summit of Mt. Lemmon. We put together a short video of a couple problems we tried up there - Laura got a first ascent and I almost sent a line that was done years ago, but seldom gets any attention due to its location. Nevertheless, it's one of the best boulder problems on the mountain. The line follows a rising seam up an overhung face until the seam peters out and you've got to make a big move to a jug at the lip of the boulder. One of those problems where each move is just a tad harder than the last, until you're done. I wasn't able to track down the name of the first ascensionist, though I'd wager it was Bob Murray - he's seems to be credited with the FA of most of the hard boulder problems on the mountain. I was able to find a grade of B1+ for the problem, though, which I guess dates it pretty well. Enjoy...

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